-- Sudoku --

Genre: Logicgame
Requirements: Amiga: AmigaOS3.1, Graphiccard (15/16bit), AHI
Windows: min. Windows98
Languages: German, English, French
Project status: Amiga: Version 1.4 finished
Windows: Version 0.9a WiP

Sudoku Introscreen

Now your logical skill is needed. You have to fill all empty fields with numbers to win the game.

Sudoku Start Game Menu


The game consists of a 9x9 square devided into 3x3 blocks. Some blocks are already filled at the beginning of the game. The number of prefilled blocks will depend on the level of difficulty. Aim of the game is to fill the blocks with the right numbers. Each row, each column and each block must contain the numbers 1 to 9.

When all fields are filled, you have won the game.

Sudoku while playing

download Sudoku for Amiga download Sudoku for Amiga
(7,888,684 Bytes) - V1.4
Downloads: 5144

download Sudoku for Windows download Sudoku for Windows
(13,463,314 Bytes) - V0.9a
Downloads: 1998